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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Santa down the Igloo- this was the Inagural cake that went to the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Dubai) for the Jingle Bell Ball held on 25th December 2009. This year Santa decided to go down the Igloo instead of the chimeny, so that he could celebrate Christmas with the Penguins & the Snowman.
A close-up of Santa going down the Igloo The same Cake being cut at the Jingle Ball Bell


Anonymous said...

So pretty as usual.Am the first one to taste your crafty relishes.
Igloo was superrrrrrrrr and penguins too.
If you say its edible I will say all are cuddly.No one feels like keep their fingers on.SAFE! you the crown
Saroj .....

anas123 said...

Great cake, u should start a cake shop soon said...

Thank you Judith the Jingle Bell Ball cake was awesome.. and it was a kind gesture from your part.


Cynthia Fernandes

JudeCreations said...

Thanks n you are welcome.