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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chrysanthemum - Tutorial

The Step By Step Guide With Instructions.....


Anonymous said...

Really appreciate you providing a tutorial on the chrysanthemum. Flowers can sometimes be the hardest decoration to make in cake decorating and some of us can use all the help we can get! It might have been a little better, however, if you didn't use a light colored sugarpaste on a light colored work space. It made it hard to see what you were doing in the beginning steps of the tutorial. The writing didn't fully explain what you were doing so if we could see it, it would have been better.

JudeCreations said...

I appreciate your feedback....wish u did write your name as its always good to know the person v r communicating with. Anyway, I realised after uploading the video, that I should have used a coloured paste, n that the lighting was not clear too. Will try to do another one again when I have the time. Thanks for taking time to comment.

JudeCreations said...

I had posted the Link for this Tutorial on IL Forums. This was the comments left there:

Thanks you Judith for a very clear and precise video explanation of making of chrysanthemum flowers.
Please share more of such videos with us.........waiting for more.........saw you blog too..........very useful and beautiful. Where do you get the tools you have used?

Hi Judith,
Thanks for the crysanthemum tutorial & for the information about the tools used.
Hope to see more of your tutorials.