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Saturday, May 9, 2009


This Picture was sent to me by email. Fondant covered cake, chalice was molded with Mazipan, Boy Frame done in Sugarpaste


ahmed said...

THis is very nice

Anonymous said...

This was sent by the customer before I made this cake.

Hi Judith,

I got your details from Teena, you made the Baby shower cake for her so well. My son’s First Holy Communion is coming up on the 9th of May and I was wondering if you could do the above cake attached. I am more interested in the first one.

I need a nice chocolate truffle cake- approx 2kg, don’t want the icing to be too thick and I am very keen on knowing if you will be able to do it. I have checked your website and I am very impressed and would love for you to say yes, pls confirm on this email or call me on my mobile. The words will need to change, will keep you informed accordingly.

Thanks a ton.

Rachel Roberts